Run. Crash. Defeat. Win.

Want this game for your site?

Putting Versus on your game portal is easy to do. Just make sure that there is a link back to and the game is properly attributed to

Game size

The game is 610px wide by 610px high. To get the best experience make sure the game container conforms to these dimensions.

Host your own copy

To host your own copy of the game, you can download the game swf and use that to host on your site. This is a self-updating swf so you will always be running the latest version, there's nothing you need to do when a new version is released.

Hotlink directly

If you want to save some bandwidth then you can hotlink straight to the swf file that is hosted on the MochiMedia servers:

Automatic updates

Whichever version you use, they both employ some very clever version control and self-updating technology from MochiMedia so you'll always be running the latest and greatest version.